Private Schools in Hertfordshire

As a parent, you want to do everything that you can to give your child a good foundation, including sending them off to boarding school – it gives them a chance to be better focussed on their studies. You cannot, however, take them to the first one that pops into your mind – it is very important to choose schools carefully because they are not all the same.

You obviously want a school with a great curriculum, but you have to keep your child’s desires and strengths in mind. If your child is more interested in the sciences, for example, it would be a waste to enrol them in a school with a curriculum that leans heavily on the sciences. If your child is old enough to know what they want it is important to involve them in the discussion.

A good curriculum is not enough – you also want your child to have comfortable lodgings. Pay a visit to any schools you have in mind and see for yourself how things are organized. The dormitories should not be overcrowded and they should be supervised at all times. Make sure that your child will get 3 solid meals a day and snacks in between.

Your child’s teachers should be highly qualified and have a track record of helping students succeed. They should be able to teach every student at their pace and those who need help should get it. The school should have plenty of extracurricular activities as well as a strong sports program – you want your child to be well rounded.

One Hertfordshire school that has a track record for excellence is St. Francis College. The girls there are between the age of 3 and 18 and they all enjoy a strong curriculum as well as a variety of other activities. You can find out more on their website,

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Carpet Fitters Cambridge

You have decided that you want to hire a carpet fitter to spruce up your home and are wondering which one will get the job done best. There are many carpet fitters in Cambridge but if you want to get the best you should look for one who has been in business for many years – it is a sign that they have lots of experience. You may want to get one who deals in a wide range of floor coverings and not just carpets – they are usually more knowledgeable.

Make sure that you hire a carpet fitter who is a member of relevant associations. Organizations like The National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers (NICF) and The Contract Flooring Association (CFA) are there to ensure that carpet layers stick to certain standards when undertaking jobs.

Make sure that you are comfortable with whoever you hire – not all carpet fitting companies hire honest employees. The fitter that you hire should be keen on running background checks. If your gut tells you that a fitter is not right for the job they probably are not.

Buying carpets online and then hiring a fitter is an option but it if you want the best results it is best to hire a fitter before you buy carpets. Many fitters stock a wide range of carpets and they can talk you through your choices. After they make recommendations do some research of your own to find out how good the recommended carpets are.

Lastly, compare pricing before you hire. Cheap carpets are never a good idea but there are some carpet fitters who are unnecessarily expensive.

One carpet fitter that you can trust to do a great job is Sawston Carpets and Flooring. They are highly experienced and they have a wide range of excellent carpeting.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows are widows that have hinges on the side and open outwards vertically. Although some people do not like them they come with several advantages which make them the ideal type of window for some people. The first is that they let a lot more air into the home. If you are big on ventilation these are the best windows to get installed as breezes move through them quite easily. Here are other benefits:

• They come in a variety of designs such as French, flat top, pushout, top down grille, colonial grill, prairie grill, and no grill. They can also be customized to fit different sizes and they can be made out of different materials in different designs. In other words they are versatile.

• They are the second most energy efficient window – the frame presses firmly against the sash when the window is closed making them airtight. If you install casement windows your home will be warmer in winter and you will reduce your energy costs.

• They are easier to open and close and they don’t get stuck very much. You can also have them open and close automatically.

• If you like to see outside while you are inside your home these are the best kinds of windows to have installed – they offer a full view.

• Casement windows provide more security to your home because they are very hard to break into – the lock hooks are buried in the frame out of view.

As you can see, these windows come with good benefits. You can get yours installed by Salmons Bros. Limited, a Cambridgeshire contractor who is highly experienced. They have casement windows in different designs and they can customize yours to fit your home.

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Fresh Milk Delivery UK

As one who has decided to eat healthier foods one of the things on your list should be fresh milk delivery. This is a service that was common all over the UK in the past but declined over the years. Today, however, it is making a comeback as more and more people realize that it comes with very good benefits. There are now many milk delivery services all over the UK, but as someone who is in the market for one it is important that you choose carefully. Here is what you should consider:

• Hygiene is key – the last thing you want is to have milk delivered that will make you and your family sick. The best thing to do is find a milk delivery services and then schedule a visit to the farm so that you can see firsthand how the milking and packing is done. Confirm that they sterilize their bottles after each use.

• It is important that the milk is sourced from a farm near you. If it comes from far away it takes a long time to transport which means that by the time it gets to you it is not very fresh. Also, longer transport means more money and a bigger carbon footprint.

• Look into the kind of bottles the company uses. Ideally, they should be made of glass as it doesn’t degrade over time like plastic. There are some companies that use tougher plastic that doesn’t degrade so much – if you choose one of these make sure that they dispose of old bottles within the recommended time frame.

One milk delivery company that comes highly recommended in Cambridgeshire is Plumbs Dairy. They have serviced the area for more than 60 years and they are trusted by the residents.

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Geox Wedge Trainers

Geox is a popular brand name of a company created by Mario Polegato in 1995. The name Geox emanated from ‘geo’ (Greek) meaning earth and ‘x’ symbolizing technology. The company deals with the large scale production of shoes. These shoes range from children shoes to adult shoes which are present in many types and designs. Geox has sandals, boots and other modern-day footwear that complement the needs of the customers depending on the occasion they wish to purchase the shoes for.

Among the most sought after products from Geox are the wedge trainers. Wedges are shoes that have a raised (wedged) heel. These kinds of shoes are quite popular with ladies since they are quite comfortable. Trainer wedges get created with a soft material for the convenience of the user. They can be worn for training and hiking purposes. In addition to that, the Geox wedge trainers are a fashionable item that complements the casual look. Geox has an array of professionally made wedge trainers. Geox Women’s D Illusion, Geox Women’s D Shahira, Geox Women’s D Breeda , Geox Women’s D Illusion, Geox D Giyo New Club C Women’s, Geox D Avery wedge sneakers for women and Geox Unisex Adult’ J Alonisso for all genders, just to mention a few, are the training wedges made by Geox. Some of the wedges are Hi-top while others are Low-Top which gives the customer, even more, exposure to their preferred choice of shoes.

The shoes offered by Geox are attractive, so comfortable and quite affordable too. More to that, the shoes are easily found. Geox stocks its shoes at various online stores where it has received extremely high ratings and positive reviews. One store Geox stocks its shoes is the Modish online shoe boutique which has a broad collection of designer shoes at reasonable prices.

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Brass Photo Etching

You are just starting a small manufacturing business and are in the market for a brass metal etcher – which kind should you choose? There are two kinds of brass metal etchers – those who use hard tooling to create parts and those who use photo etching. Those who do photo etching are much better than those who do hard tooling for several reasons.

The first is that hard tooling tends to compromise the metal sheet. The process requires the use of heavy tools and lots of force which can lead to cracks and tears. Any parts made from such metal sheets can be easily compromised, affecting quality of production and even leading to serious accidents.

The other benefit of photo brass metal etching is that it is faster than hard tooling. With just a few simple steps you will get parts ready to go. The metal is cleaned before the etching is done so that once the process is complete the parts are ready for use. Parts produced this way do not have burrs so there is no time wasted de-burring them.

Brass photo etching is also the way to get the most precise parts as it is highly accurate. Even with highly complicated parts design you will be able to get parts that are only +/-.01 mm from the actual measurements. This process can be used to produce one piece or millions which makes it ideal for small businesses as they don’t have to etch parts that they don’t need. The process is also highly affordable – you don’t have to worry about paying lots of money to get your machinery going.

To conclude, you are better off with a brass metal etcher who uses photo etching such as Qualitetch. They have been etching metal for more than 25 years so you can trust that they will do an excellent job. You can find out more on their website,

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Dartington Wine Glasses

Special occasions call for special wine. To make it more exquisite, serve the wine in beautiful wine glasses. Dartington Crystal is considered the legend when it comes to the production of the perfect wine glasses.  With over fifty years experience in the industry, you can never go wrong by getting you or your loved ones a Dartington set.

We have wine glasses for every occasion and everybody. Our vast selection ensures that you get unique yet classic Dartington quality wine glasses. The wine glasses are suitable for a wedding, mother’s day, and birthday and Valentine gift. Every home deserves the Dartington crystal. They are an excellent addition to your glassware set

They are available in Burgundy, red, white, black and clear colors to match all your wine types. Whether you want to have a quiet evening at home or get wasted with your girlfriends, there is a size for every occasion. We have small, large and jumbo glasses.  Apart from the traditional wine glass shapes we also make designs such as claret, goblet style, tumbler like and stemless wine glasses. Most wine connoisseurs know what wine goes with which wine glass design.

Our packaging also stands out; we sell them individually, three packs and six packs. You can also get a carafe with your wine glasses. The boxing is incredibly beautiful and speaks volumes of the glasses inside. We provide our customers with the chance to personalize the wine glasses. You can choose to engrave with text, image and or logo. Freehand engraving allows our customers to have the message etched using their handwriting which is more personal compared to a generic happy birthday. Requests for personalization is made online

Customers can place their orders online through our website and our stockists. For the UK market delivery is usually the next day and is free for items above 49 pounds. We charge a fair price for delivery outside of UK.

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Shoe sole repair kit

Each day, many people spend hours on their feet. They may walk around a lot each day during the course of their work. Many people also spend hours day outside dealing with the elements. Heavy snow and rain can create all kinds of problems. This is particularly true when it comes to their shoes. During the course of a single day, a person may spend time both indoors and outdoors. People rely on their shoes to protect their feet from the elements. A good pair of shoes will keep their feet warm and dry in the winter and cool and comfortable during the summer. This is why it is important to have shoes that are in great shape. When something goes wrong, it is imperative to fix it as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage to their shoes and to their feet and avoid potential hazards from walking barefoot.

A Shoe Soul Repair Kit

Many busy people do not have the time to carry around an additional pair of shoes. In that case, a shoe soul repair kit can be ideal wellington repair kit work well. They’re also eays to use. A repair kit will fit inside a purse or briefcase, making it easy for the person to keep them on hand at all times. This is particularly important when facing severe weather of some kind. Rain and snow can easily seep inside the shoes, creating shoes that are impossible to wear. In that event, the person need not worry about rushing to find and then buy another pair of shoes. Finding another pair of shoes that fits can be really hard. Instead, the person can reach for the kit they carry around. They can take the kit, use it for a few minutes and have shoes they can wear easily for the rest of the day. A favorite pair of shoes can be easily fixed without a problem, allowing the owner to wear the shoes again and again. They can then take the shoes for a longer lasting repair that will fix whatever damage exists to their overall satisfaction.

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Floor Coverings Cambridge

When it comes to proving the best services in flooring and carpets, no company can beat us.

We have made a reputation all over by Cambridge by supplying the best and high-quality carpets and flooring all across Cambridge and its neighbourhood.

We offer high-quality carpet installation for domestic and commercial customers. Our company has been producing a wide range of flooring materials that our customers can choose from.

We also consider your budget, and that’s why we provide services that are pocket-friendly and efficient.

Exquisite Flooring Services

The range of services that we offer provides different styles and tastes that suit the preferences of the customers that we serve. Apart from providing quality carpets, we also add some extra beauty to your home with the excellent laminate or wood flooring. This is one area of service that has attracted many customers because it enables them to choose from various styles that perfectly matches the décor of their homes.

We have been doing this business for quite long and have mastered the art of timely deliverance and quality service. Trust us with any of your flooring needs, and we will not disappoint.

We supply floor coverings and various accessories for a broad range of sectors. We have huge flooring range in our stock, and this means that you can get your flooring products any time you make an order.

Some of the products and services that we provide include

Laminate, safely flooring and accessories, carpet, underlay, carpet tiles, cheap carpet tiles, cushion vinyl, wood floorings among others.

Friendly Services

A team of professional and qualified experts whose main commitment is offering quality services within the required timelines does all our services. Apart from just providing you with quality services, we also offer suggestion and advice on what flooring you need for your space. We review your requirements and budget and come up with the best service that might suit you.

Our flooring services are convenient and efficient are mainly designed for that your dream space.

We are basically professional suppliers of a comprehensive range of carpet tiles, carpets, luxury vinyl tile and fibre bonded products.

To meet the need for each and every installation, our company offers colour flexibility and complete design. We have floor-covering products that are suitable for leisure, hospitality, education, and commercial projects.

Within our company, we also have a trade clearance sector that has a wonderful range of flooring available, great discount prices.

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Luxury Holiday Homes in Norfolk

Looking to take a different kind of holiday this year? You have come to the right place. Wheatacre Hall Barns is the perfect place to have a non-hotel holiday. We have 8 luxury, self-catering cottages that you can choose from and each one is furnished to the highest standards. You can be sure that your stay with us will be a treat. Our cottages are all made out of converted barns but we were careful to retain most of the features so as to remain authentic. Your cottage will be everything you expect and more.
 We are located in Wavaney Valley in Norfolk near the Norfolk Broads and close to the city of Norwich which means that there is plenty for you to do. You can choose to explore the quiet, beautiful countryside and afterwards you can go and relax at the beach – it is right next to the cottages. Alternatively, you can choose to go to any of the several tourist attractions in the area – there are some that are quite close and you can walk. You can also head into Beccles, our local town, and see for yourself what life in the British countryside is like. There you will find a farmer’s market, different types of shops and of course some British pubs.
 All self-catering cottages are ready so you will be preparing your own meals. The only thing that you need to do is bring your kitchen supplies – the kitchens are fully kitted and you have all the mod-cons that you need to prepare meals. The bathroom has towels and toiletries and the cottages are all fully furnished. If you would rather not take care of your own meals we have a chef on standby who can prepare all kinds of dishes. So long as you let us know what you would like to eat 24 hours in advance they will have it ready for you.
 Our bigger cottages can accommodate families so don’t leave behind your children. Not only will they love the fresh country air, there is also a lot for them to do. They can bring their bikes to bicycles and cycle out in the countryside, they can play at the beach, they can visit theme parks that are close by or they can play in our fitness barns which have plenty of toys.
 Although we are out in the countryside we are still in touch with the rest of the world. Each room has LCD T.V., DVD/Video, CD/Radio, ipod docking stations and you also get internet access. Just because you are staying with us doesn’t mean that you cannot check in with your office.
 If you have special requests let us know in advance. We provide cots, wheelchair ramps and you can have an additional bed in the bigger cottages for a small fee.
 “Great accommodation for families, couples and dogs. Cottages very well maintained. Private and peaceful Hot Tub a major relaxation bonus. Joanna great host family based business with a lovely welcome – by spring there should be a fitness area and soft play area Good location to explore Norfolk and Suffolk.”
JAW – Newton-le-willows
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