Albumin from Bovine Serum

As a life sciences company you need to be able to trust the reagents that you use in your experiments. If albumin from bovine serum is one of them you need to be especially careful – with so many suppliers of this product in the market, you need to be sure that you are working with a supplier who will help you make new discoveries by providing you with the highest quality of bovine serum.
One of the most important qualities to look out for is how long the company that you have in mind has been providing solutions for life sciences companies. If they have not been around for long enough it means that they have not had time to perfect their scientific processes, and they may also not have had enough time to invest in the proper equipment to provide high quality products. As you look into the background of any albumin bovine serum supplier don’t just check when they were incorporated – find out how long they have been supplying solutions to the market.
It is also important to check who the company’s current clients are. If you find a supplier who works with renowned life sciences firms it is an indication that their product can be trusted. Good bovine serum suppliers will be happy to share their client list with you. On your part, you should ask to take a tour of their facility so as to confirm that what they are telling you is true. Take a look at their processes, and make sure that they have invested in the latest and best equipment. You should also look into their quality control procedures.
One European supplier that comes trusted is Europa Bioproducts. Find out more about their products and services on their website,

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