Applying for Admission to Hertfordshire Schools

As the new school years approaches, naturally, parents are concerned about the welfare of their children, and they want to do what they believe is best for them. However, many of them are not sure how to approach the matter of seeking a Hertfordshire school. The following are several important special considerations.

Use all Your Herts Schools Preferences

Typically you have four preferences for best schools in Hertfordshire; use them all. Don’t be tempted to simply put only one down. By only using one preference option, your application won’t gain any extra weight, and neither does it help in case you end up seeking an appeal. You may simply end up getting a school you hadn’t chosen.


If your child doesn’t get allocated a spot at any of your preferred four choices, you can appeal. However, unless your personal circumstances have significantly changed, you are only allowed to appeal once each academic year.There are, however, other special circumstances under which you can request a review of the rejection decision.

Exceptional Circumstances

If you are submitting an application for a spot on the grounds of some unique or exceptional circumstances-social, compassionate or medical-your  request must be accompanied by relevant supporting documentation from a qualified professional independent source. The documentation should clearly spell out the difficulties your child would face if admitted elsewhere and why the school in question makes the single most suitable choice. Without the evidence, your application will not get consideration.


Since all the application deadlines are clearly stated, you can only miss them at your own peril. In such a situation, your application gets classified as late to be processed after all others are completed. One final tip: don’t assume that siblings to your admitted child will magically get admitted. You got to apply for them as well when the time comes.


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