campervan rental

So you’re planning to rent a campervan? Awesome! There are so many amazing places in the Pacific Northwest, like Portland and Seattle, that make for great day trips. But before you set off on your adventure, here are some tips that will help make your trip smooth-sailing.

  1. Understand the type of insurance you need

Before you start to search for a campervan to rent, it is important that you understand what kind of insurance coverage your credit card offers and how much extra insurance must be purchased if required by the rental company. If your credit card provides coverage, check what parts and accessories are covered by it and which ones are not included in their plans. You should also ask yourself if this coverage is enough or if you need supplemental coverage from the rental company.

  1. Ask for discounts and special offers

One way to save money on a campervan rental is to always ask for current special offers available with each car hire provider. Many times companies offer amazing deals such as free daily rates or discounted weekly rates for returning customers. You can also save money by choosing to rent during the weekdays when it is not peak season or by renting in the off-season when rates are extremely discounted.

  1. Don’t pay before you see the car in person

It’s best not to make a decision about which car to choose until you have seen it with your own eyes and taken it out for a short test drive. Never hand over any money until after you have inspected the campervan, taken it on a brief ride around the neighborhood, and are completely satisfied that this is what you want to get into. The last thing that you need at the beginning of your vacation is complaints from your family because they aren’t happy with your choice of campervan.

  1. Make your reservations as early as possible

Another tip to save money on a campervan rental is to make your reservation as soon as you can since many companies offer great deals for those who book early and the earlier that you place the reservation, the more time there will be for special rates and discounts that can be applied to your account.

  1. Consider renting from a smaller independent rental company

Renting from one of the big name car hire providers such as Enterprise or Hertz might lead you to believe that by doing so, these large corporations will offer you better service than their small counterparts but this may not necessarily be true. In fact, some people prefer renting from a smaller because they often have very competitive rates and they can sometimes offer better deals than the larger companies.

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