Glass Splash Backs

As the call for glass Splash backs is on the rise, we at Go glass only purpose is to stay on top of the trend. Our experience in fitting has brought about a diffusion of installations from well-known kitchens, lavatories and luxury residences right thru to properly-installed neighborhood restaurants and organizations. In contrast to our competition, we tailor each person Splash back to the precise dimensions required. The use of a template custom, all our glass is shaped, polished, painted and established to the highest top.The frameless glass are made with strong, glass with low iron. That is each long lasting and can resist heat, thus why it is good for kitchen and close to hot appliances without cracking. If you need, the most length of four.2 meters can be performed. If accessibility is a problem, large Splash backs can be cut up and joined on the recommendation of our fitters to hold a nice heads up a product. All edges may be polished, giving a pleasing glossy end to any well-known shows, window sills or joints, and abnormal shapes and cut-outs are all accommodated for.


Matching the colour of Splash backs to the decor of your kitchen is a method precise to each process. Luckily, we offer a wide variety of colours to pick from with RAL and British well-known stages as well as steel, sparkle and ‘Galaxy’ alternatives. Using glass with low iron lets in the actual shade and the glass paint to be visible giving the color you select, and the  paint also plays role in stopping any cracks on the glass if exposed to excessive-temperature regions.

Modern layout:

Why stop within the kitchen? With its versatility and endless facilitation, the glass’ depth of colour and reflective luster will remodel any room. From hearths to table-tops and bars to bathrooms, the sturdiness and low renovation of glass gives a cost effective solution so as to stand the test of time. Choose from a huge variety of British widespread or RAL hues, or why not add a touch in your splash back? We even have a shade matching services available, so we’re very confident of being able to doctrine any colour you would love. We will repair and update all sorts of leaded and stained glass windows and doors, from churches and historical homes to fashionable, cutting-edge designs to suit all functions. Our workers have over twenty years experience and will be happy to create your unique and character piece.

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