Houses for Sale

As you look around Essex for a home you may have come across houses for sale and are wondering whether they are a good idea at all – most things that are for sale tend to have defects hence the lowered cost. While that logic is true, it often doesn’t apply to homes for sale – many of them are new builds and they are in excellent condition. The developers offer attractive prices so that they can move many units in a short time.
That is new to say that you should go in blindly. Due diligence is highly recommended for any property purchase. Never assume that just because a home looks good on a brochure or a computer screen it will be the same when you get to live in it. It is very important for you to visit the property and ensure that what the developer says about the property is true. As you check the building and design don’t forget to heck what is around it. Is it a safe neighbourhood? Are there schools and medical facilities nearby? What is travel like – how long does it take to get to and from school or work?
You should talk to others who have bought similar property and hear what they have to say. Are they happy with their homes and what kind of problems have they had so far? How has it been dealing with the developer? Are they quick to respond or do they make clients jump through lots of hoops?
That said, you should read carefully through your warranty. Most of them cover you for 10 years but they can be easily voided by the fine print. You should get a professional to go through yours, as well as any contracts you have to sign.
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