Mini Coach Hire Prices

If you plan to take a few friends and family for a trip in the countryside a mini coach may be a better way to travel than a bus. Sure, you can have everyone travel in their own cars but how much fun is that? You want to go in one vehicle so that you can spend lots of time together, not to mention that it helps save money. Speaking of savings, just how much should you pay for mini coach hire?
The answer to this question is not as straightforward as some may think. The cost of hiring a mini coach will differ from company to company and how much you eventually pay will depend on a few factors:
•    How many seats do you want your mini coach to have? The more the number of people a bus can take the higher its rental price. As you plan for seating you should also factor in an additional seat in case an employee of the rental company will be coming with you.
•    The distance you will travel also matters. The farther you go the more expensive it becomes. Keep in mind that price will go up if you travel a short distance but have to spend a long time in traffic.
•    How long do you plan to keep the bus for? If you a planning a Saturday afternoon excursion you will pay less than if you plan to hire the mini coach for several days.
•    Who will pay for the cost of fuel? Some mini coach rental companies provide fuelled vehicles but there are those that prefer that the client pay for their won petrol.
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