Non Slip Rubber Bath Mat

Many people assume that rubber bath mats are just for the elderly. The truth is, we can all use non-slip rubber bath mats in our homes. People of all ages, including the children and elderly, have been known to suffer accidents in the bathroom and having a rubber bath mat is one way of eliminating risk – bathroom falls can lead to serious injuries that lead to long hospitalizations.
When you are shopping for rubber bath mats you will find that there are so many different kinds available that you may have a hard time deciding which ones are best for your bathrooms. There are some simple features that can tell you whether or not you are choosing the right kind.
The most important is that they be truly non-slip. The surface has to be properly textured and they need to have grips on the base to ensure that they cans tick on your floor or inside your bath or shower. Some rubber bath mats have grips but they don’t stick to all kinds of surfaces – before you buy make sure that they can properly stick to rough as well as smooth surfaces.
Make sure that you by rubber bath mats that are safe for the whole family to use. They should be non-toxic and BPA-free. Some mats are made of PVC and while it is a long lasting material it can leave a lingering smell particularly when it is new. You should make sure that the mats have proper drainage – if the holes are too small it will take forever to empty your bath after use, and if you use the mats in your shower it can lead to water overflows.
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