Opticians Near Me

You have had your glasses for a long time now and it is time to get them changed. However, when you go to your old optician you discover that they are no longer there which means that you have to find a new one – where do you start? Finding an optician in a city like Peterborough may not be as easy as many imagine. While there are many of them if you go with the first one that you come across you may find that they don’t offer the best service. It is important to choose your optician carefully because your eyes deserve special care.
The first thing you should look into is whether the optician you have in mind has the right training. Many people don’t know it but lots of opticians have no training at all – they learn on the job which means that they cannot diagnose serious or hidden eye conditions. Look up the optician online to see their qualifications.
The kind of setup that the optician has can also tell you a lot about whether they are qualified to provide your new prescription. The best opticians also have an optometrist in the practice. An optometrist is trained to diagnose conditions other than long and short sightedness. Each patient who walks through the door is seen by both – the optometrist will determine that you don’t have any underlying conditions and prescribe your lenses and the optician will provide your eye glasses.
You should be wary of opticians who push you towards certain products. If, for example, they insist that you should get a certain kind of frame they could be getting kickbacks from the designer of those frames which raises questions as to their honesty.
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