Surrey loft reviews

A large number of homes in Surrey and surrounding areas have a loft. The space below the loft is often vacant. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, people are spending more time at home, so they wish to maximize the space available. Hence they would like to convert the space below the loft into an additional room, bedroom, room office, play room for the children. For this loft conversion they would like to hire a competent service provider. Since surrey lofts is one of the top loft service providers, they would like to check one or more surrey loft review of the business before taking a decision.


Surrey lofts is one of the top rated businesses specializing in loft conversion in the following areas of England

  • Surrey
  • Berkshire
  • Hampshire
  • South London

The business has constructed lofts in different kinds of homes for more than twenty years. The staff with first inspect the loft to check if loft conversion is possible. In a few cases, the loft conversion is not possible and the home owner will be informed accordingly. In other cases, the architects at Surreylofts will work closely with the property owner to finalize the design of the loft. After the loft design is approved by the home owner, Surreylofts will get the necessary permission from the local government agencies for the construction work. Only after the permissions are received the construction work of the loft will start. The staff of Surreylofts will try to ensure that the construction work does not disturb the family members in the house. While Surreylofts staff will do the construction work, the property owner will have to supply the major materials required. For example if a bathroom unit has to be installed in the loft, the home owner will have to supply the suite and Surreylofts will install it.

Time taken

The time taken for completing the construction of the loft depends on a large number of factors like the size of the loft, design. Typically the loft construction will take eight to ten weeks. However, in case the loft is urgently required, or for smaller lofts, the new loft will be ready in six weeks. To ensure that the work is completed in time, Surreylofts has a project manager for each loft conversion who will finalize the time table for the different activities, and ensure that they are completed. There is also a construction manager who will visit the construction site regularly to monitor the progress, so that corrective action can be taken to prevent delays if required.


All customers of Surreylofts can be assured that the workmanship is of the highest quality, since they offer a warranty of ten years on the lofts which they build for their clients. They have constructed more than twenty thousands lofts for their clients in the last twenty years. Their staff is well trained, experienced and registered with the relevant trade bodies. For installation of the bathroom, tiles and other specialized work, they have reputed service providers affiliated with them, to ensure high quality work.

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