Top Boarding Schools

There are dozens of UK boarding schools that are listed among the list of top schools in the UK. As a parent this may not necessarily make it easier to choose a school for your child. In fact, faced with so many choices many parents find themselves confused as to which school would be best suitable.
When the time comes to send your child to a UK boarding school the most important thing to do is to make sure that your child is a part of the decision. Whether you live in the UK or broad your child should be involved in choosing which sixth form boarding school they want to attend. Let them come up with a shortlist that you can both review together. Let them write the pros and cons of each of the schools on their list and then discuss them together in light of what subjects are on offer and what kind of university course that your child has in mind.
Plan to visit the schools on the list so as to see exactly what is on offer. The top boarding schools in the UK have open days when parents and prospective parents can visit and learn more about the school. Plan these visits for when you have enough time to tour each properly. Look into the curriculum, the faculty as well as the facilities offered.
It is important to find out whether or not your child will be a natural fit into the school that you have in mind, especially if they are joining boarding school for sixth form studies. Sixth form takes a short tie and you don’t want your child wasting any of it trying to fit in.
One school that accepts children of all backgrounds is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. Check to see the scheduled school tours.

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