Use Of Chemical Etching While etching jewellery

Most jewelers use the process of chemical etching as an alternative to electro-etching for etching jewellery of all types of metals precious or non-precious. They use an etching chemical that includes various types of acids, for this purpose.

Earlier jewelers used to perform electro-etching in their workshops to etch detailed and finely designed drawings and patterns into various types of metals. Though this process does not has any risk of clean up, storage and use of any chemical still it needs various types of tools and equipment to complete the process. Jewelers have started using the chemical etching process for etching jewellery because of a number of its benefits.

Things to know about etching jewellery chemically

You do not need many tools and equipment for etching jewellery by using a chemical solution. But to etch a piece of jewelry you will have to find a safe, clean and clutter-free space. The place should also be free from animals and children as there is a risk of exposure to the chemicals.

How jewelry etching is done?

Selection of a tray: For etching a piece of jewelry with the chemical etching process you may need a glass or plastic tray to hold etching chemical safely.

Selection of etching chemical: You should choose etching chemicals according to the type of material you want to etch. For instance, for etching jewellery made from copper, you can use ferric chloride and for silver jewelry, nitric acid can be the best. In this way, you can choose an etching solution according to the type of metal you are going to etch to get the best results.

Selection of masking material: In order to mask your design strongly you will have to choose a masking material according to the type of etching chemical you have selected. This mask can either be transferred on the metal sheet by heating the toner of the transfer paper or by printing on peel-n-press sheets. You can also use materials like lacquers, asphalt or paint pens for chemical etching jewellery. Electrical tape, duct tape or plating tape are some of the other materials that can be used to cover the back of the metal sheet to be etched to protect its selected parts to come in contact with etching chemicals.

Precautions for safety form etching chemicals

While doing jewelry etching by using the chemical etching process you should ensure your safety from the chemicals used in this process as most of them are strong and dangerous. You should read the precautions, warnings and safety advice printed on the label of the etching chemical package before using it. You should also know the ways to handle the problem if your skin or other belongings come in contact with the etching chemicals. You should also know the clothing you should wear, like rubber apron and gloves, etc, while etching jewellery to protect you from any complication.

Thus, jewelry etching can be made easier and more cost-effective than electro-etching by using the process of chemical etching.

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