6555 davis weatherlink ip

Station Davis Vantage 2 weather station is designed to professional standards and provides good reliability and accuracy, but relatively cheap. With many accessories and sensors, Davis Vantage 2 (VP2) station offers scope and flexibility in the ability to handle data and configuration.

Standard Vantage 2 station consists of three main components and an internal console, which all read properly; anemometer to measure wind speed and direction, and an Integrated Sensor Suite that contains all other external sensors, such as humidity, temperature, rainfall and wind, among others.

So a Davis vantage 2 stations will always be made by an external sensor unit and the console display standard, packaged together as a single item. The station itself is full, except for the mountain, but if you want to log data into the computer, log must be loaded separately. All components of the station ready to be fixed as a single unit and it is possible to replace components or building specifications that are unique for Davis vantage 2 and the constituents to fit your needs, but generally, it will be more expensive to buy a Davis vantage 2 complete as a pre-packaged product.

Vantage 2 stations in standard, external sensors grouped into two units: an anemometer to measure wind direction and speed. And a second unit called Integrated Sensor Suite containing the sensor temperature and humidity and rain handle. Integrated sensor suite also has a place for improved solar radiation and ultra violet sensors if appropriate. For simplicity, Integrated Sensor Suite and anemometer are mounted as a single unit, but they are two completely independent parts and, practically, most are installed separately.

Integrated sensor suite consists of the rain gauge, a black conical installed above the shield of continuous white, to avoid any mistake because the temperature of sunlight fall directly on the sensor. Shield contains the sensor temperature and humidity, but, in addition, it is the place to join the circuit input sensor outside the other, with the input of the cable sensor cable is not wired.

The anemometer is provided with a twelve meters cable and therefore can be installed up to twelve meters away from the main body of the integrated sensor suite. Standard cable connection can also be purchased to increase this distance if necessary. Only to wireless Vantage 2 stations is the option to buy an anemometer transmitter separately, allowing the integrated sensor suite and anemometer mounted completely independently. Solar sensor and ultra violet light mounted on a rack shelf small sitting sideways in the rain gage.

Integrated sensor suite comes in two versions: wired and wireless. In the wireless station, a radio circuit within the shield contains a wireless transmitter. In the cable, there is a single cable that joined the Integrated sensor suite and the console, which is a significant improvement compared to the three cable stations are needed and the more old. Wireless Integrated sensor suite also included a small solar panel to complete lithium-ion battery is built to run on the sensor / wireless circuits. Power to the integrated sensor suite cables is provided through the cable wires. In addition, there are a number of optional accessories are also watching the weather for many special applications.

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