Casement Windows

Casement windows are widows that have hinges on the side and open outwards vertically. Although some people do not like them they come with several advantages which make them the ideal type of window for some people. The first is that they let a lot more air into the home. If you are big on ventilation these are the best windows to get installed as breezes move through them quite easily. Here are other benefits:

• They come in a variety of designs such as French, flat top, pushout, top down grille, colonial grill, prairie grill, and no grill. They can also be customized to fit different sizes and they can be made out of different materials in different designs. In other words they are versatile.

• They are the second most energy efficient window – the frame presses firmly against the sash when the window is closed making them airtight. If you install casement windows your home will be warmer in winter and you will reduce your energy costs.

• They are easier to open and close and they don’t get stuck very much. You can also have them open and close automatically.

• If you like to see outside while you are inside your home these are the best kinds of windows to have installed – they offer a full view.

• Casement windows provide more security to your home because they are very hard to break into – the lock hooks are buried in the frame out of view.

As you can see, these windows come with good benefits. You can get yours installed by Salmons Bros. Limited, a Cambridgeshire contractor who is highly experienced. They have casement windows in different designs and they can customize yours to fit your home.

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