Fresh Milk Delivery UK

As one who has decided to eat healthier foods one of the things on your list should be fresh milk delivery. This is a service that was common all over the UK in the past but declined over the years. Today, however, it is making a comeback as more and more people realize that it comes with very good benefits. There are now many milk delivery services all over the UK, but as someone who is in the market for one it is important that you choose carefully. Here is what you should consider:

• Hygiene is key – the last thing you want is to have milk delivered that will make you and your family sick. The best thing to do is find a milk delivery services and then schedule a visit to the farm so that you can see firsthand how the milking and packing is done. Confirm that they sterilize their bottles after each use.

• It is important that the milk is sourced from a farm near you. If it comes from far away it takes a long time to transport which means that by the time it gets to you it is not very fresh. Also, longer transport means more money and a bigger carbon footprint.

• Look into the kind of bottles the company uses. Ideally, they should be made of glass as it doesn’t degrade over time like plastic. There are some companies that use tougher plastic that doesn’t degrade so much – if you choose one of these make sure that they dispose of old bottles within the recommended time frame.

One milk delivery company that comes highly recommended in Cambridgeshire is Plumbs Dairy. They have serviced the area for more than 60 years and they are trusted by the residents.

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