Gelato University Italy

You have always wanted to become a gelato master and now you have the chance – you will be going to Gelato University. How do you prepare for it? First of all, congratulations because you have enrolled yourself in the best place in the world to learn how to make gelato. You will learn about the ingredients that go into this special treat, the different types of gelato, the machines that you need to do it and best of all, how you can run your own gelato business.
Now as to what you need to prepare to go to Gelato University. It helps if you can know the basics, so how about you buy a few books by the masters and find out what it is all about? At the university you will be taught by the best gelato makers in the world and some of them have written excellent books about this special art. If you get familiar with their texts you will find that you have an easier time in class.
You need to take care of accommodation. There are many places that you can stay during your course but you ought to watch out for accommodation costs – some of them can be very expensive. There are dormitories for students who are enrolled in the university but they are in very high demand so you ought to book a bunk early. You will be staying and learning with students from all around the world so prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime.
If making all the arrangements seems like a bit of a hassle why not book your lessons through a tour company? There are several in Tuscany that do just this sort of thing and they will help you organize your classes and accommodation. Try Sapori Saperi – they are one of the best and you will have a great experience. Find out how to get in touch with them through their website,

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