Truffle Hunting Tours In Tuscany

Do you love truffles? Have you ever imagined a holiday where you get to hunt truffles and discover exotic ways to include them in recipes? Tuscany is one of the most important truffle hunting regions of the world and there are companies that can book you on truffle hunting tours as many times as you would like. These tours are pretty spectacular – they are conducted out in the country, in the open fields where you enjoy the fresh air and quietude away from the crowds.
It is worth your while to learn something about truffles before you embark on your tour. There are 3 kinds of truffles and the kind that you get to hunt will depend on when you take your tour. The most coveted are white truffles but these are usually found in autumn – if you can squeeze your holiday at that time of year you will get to hunt for truffles that many people can only dream of.
Most truffles are found in reserves where there is lots of tree vegetation. It is very rare to find this special fungus growing below lone trees. Truffles rarely grow beneath other vegetation so you will be looking under trees where there is nothing but soil. This may all sound very complicated, but most truffle tours are organized with dogs. These dogs are trained to sniff out their prize and they can lead you from truffle to truffle.
After your trip you have the chance to enjoy whatever you were able to find. It would be a good idea to book a tour with a company that provides cooking lessons and gourmet experience for guests.
Sapori Saperi is one such company. After a great day hunting truffles you will learn how best to incorporate them into recipes. Find out how to book a tour on

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