Glass Enclosures

Glass enclosures are an excellent way to partition your home. You can use them to create a dining area, a study or even a small area where your children can do their homework and you can do bills. Creating glass enclosures is not hard, but that doesn’t mean that you should get just anyone to do it. Before you hire someone to install glass enclosures in your home make sure that:
•    They should have lots of experience with glass closures. It is best to hire a glass vendor and installer who has done some work in your neighbourhood. If they have served several clients near you it means that they do reputable work.
•    Make sure that they have been in the glass business for more than a few years. For best results it is recommended that you choose a glass vendor who has been around for at least 10 years, preferably more than 10. Ask them to give you at least 3 references of jobs they have done in the last 6 months and make sure to call and find out whether the homeowners are happy. Ask them if they would hire the same glass enclosure installer again.
•    It helps if you can see some of the work that they have done on the past. The best glass installers have a portfolio of work that you can see. When you visit them they will show it to you to help you visualize what your enclosures will look like.
•    Don’t hire a glass installer who gives you a quote before they come to your home to see the space and understand exactly what you are looking for. All quotes should be written to avoid future complications.
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