Disposable Pee Bags

Independence is committed to helping you live life to its fullest. In fact, we know the frustration of dealing with bladder and incontinence problems. From frequent visits to the restrooms to natural accidents, we are here to help you get your life back. With our disposable waterproof pads, you never have to worry about soiling your undergarments or attire. Similarly, you will not mess up your beds, comforters and sheets while sleeping as well. Here are some of the benefits of using this product for your bladder problems and issues:
• Makes cleanup easier and more dignified.
• Disposable waterproof pads are soft and rustle-free.
• These waterproof pads protect furniture, while the quilted pads truly absorb in wick away liquids in seconds.
• Very comfortable, hygienic and convenient. Simply wrap and throw away.
Waterproof Pad Products
At Independence, we offer a variety of disposable waterproof pads at various sizes. This includes Extra Large, along with Maxi size for your convenience. There are 35 pads per pack with user-friendly instructions and directions. These pads are perfect for all types of beds, along with sofas, daybeds, divans and much more. While we mainly service the UK, we also provide shipping to worldwide destinations. You simply need to access our product page and order as many disposable waterproof pads as needed. If you suffer from loose bladder issues, these pads are guaranteed to keep furniture, beds and other areas liquid-free.
Get your Independence Back
From adult nappies to inconsistence aids, we are the UK’s premier provider of pads and accessories. We also offer a wide array of daily living aids, along with socks, hosiery, underwear and foot care products. We also feature a range of daily health and therapy products at our website.
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