Hearing Screening for Newborns

Lots of parents will worry about getting a hearing test for their very young children. They should know that in all likelihood, the results will be average in nature. Less than one percent of newborns will have hearing issues that need to be acknowledged. People who don’t have a history of hearing loss in the family will usually not find out that their children have partial hearing.
However, it should be noted that the accommodations for hearing impaired people have improved over the years. People who find out that they have children who are hearing impaired shouldn’t assume the worst. The deaf community is very broad and prosperous, and technology has made it easy for a lot of deaf people to live normal lives. Some of these individuals are not completely deaf. Having moderate hearing loss will present some challenges for many people, but this is a fairly manageable disability in many cases. Deafness in general is manageable.
There are some treatments available for hearing loss, and this is something that parents should remember. There will be new technological developments that should change the picture for some deaf people in the future. However, raising a deaf child is much easier than it used to be, and many deaf people go on to have happy lives. Parents shouldn’t avoid the newborn hearing screening process because they are afraid of the results, especially since the results should not be devastating one way or another.
The parents of deaf children might have to learn sign language. In a world of specialized apps and communication technology, learning skills like this is relatively easy. Parents who avoid learning about whether or not their children are disabled will always regret it, wishing that they had done something sooner. The parents who learn about the situation organically will be able to respond to it effectively.

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