Hardwood Joinery

Hardwood joinery is a craft that requires plenty of skill and takes many years to learn. It is important therefore to be careful when hiring a joiner to remodel your Cambridge home. To do this you need to ask very specific questions such as:

Have you had any formal training?

Most joiners learn their craft on the job – they shadow an older joiner as an apprentice for a few years and the start their own business. While many are able to learn their skills this way it is also important for them to have some formal training. They will be able to pick up on all aspects of the job.

When is the last time you completed a project like many, and can you give me references?

A joiner may be very good at undertaking certain types of projects but this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily qualified to undertake yours. You should find out how much experience the joiner has with your specific kind of work and also ask them to provide relevant references.

How long will you take to complete my project and what happens if you don’t finish on time?

One of the most common complaints from homeowners is that their joiners were not able to complete the job on time. Before your joiner starts working make sure that you have a contract in place stating how long the job will take, as well as what happens if the joiner doesn’t finish on time. Ideally, the joiner should be able to compensate you for every extra day that he spends on the job.

Which joiner is best?

We suggest that you choose M J Salmon & Son. They are one of the best joiners in Cambridge, and they have more than 40 years experience. You can see some of their work on their website, https://mjsalmon.co.uk/.

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