Silicone spray waterproofing

What Silicone Water Repellants Should You Use?

Stomsure, a waterproofing spray brand, has silicone water repellants that are considered to be the best for outdoor application. With the water repellants, you are able to protect your body and feet from rain and snow. The waterproofing sprays can be applied to clothing, footwear, and tent material. The product provides excellent waterproofing, and thus great for out-of-doors use. Running or biking during the storm season is always fun when you are covered by the repellant.

Features of the Waterproofing Sprays

·         Water repellent potential: Once applied, the spray protects your material from getting wet. Usually, water bounces off the surface of the material and you get to stay dry.

·         Flexible application:The sprays can be used on a range of fabrics, such as wool, nylon, cotton, polyester, and leather.

·         Pleasant smell:The silicone repellants are sweet in smell and thus great to use.

·         Non-toxic: These repellants are safer for you and also to the environment.


The silicone water repellents are convenient for outdoor gears such as woolen coats, breathable jackets, raincoats, footwear, and hats. When applying the sprays, you are expected to spray the silicone water repellent on the material, and wait for it to dry. Once ready, you can wear your gears and get to the field.

The Silicone Spray Waterproofing Options

Currently, Stormsure has the following top water repellants:

a)      Stormproof Durable Water Repellents: Available in 50ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L, 25L. The 1L repellents are available in refillable and disposable options while the 25L sprays are available in concentrates and ready-to-use options.

b)     Stormseal Seam Sealers: Available in 100ml and 5L options and they are all ready to use.

Overall, the silicone waterproofing sprays help you participate in any outdoor activity flexibly. The sprays are cost-effective and safe to use. Order the Stormsure silicone repellants today and get to enjoy the waterproofing advantages from the brand.

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